Gomorrah is an Italian mob TV show that was produced by Sky Atlantic. The TV show was released on May 6, 2014 and it is still ongoing. The English dub was censored worldwide due to some lines being problematic.


International censorship[]

HBO Max[]

Season One[]
  • Episode 4
  1. The scene where Pietro says "When my son was little, I'd take him to see the monkey's. and he said Daddy how come such stupid animals wanna do what people do? Monkey's are nice when they obey their masters. Because if they want to be in charge they're dangerous, they got to be put down." it was changed to "When my son was a little kid I drove my son to the crackhoods. He would say Papa how is this possible? That these stupid low life junkies are involved with us. They are only involved as far as I allow them to be. Because if they want to be in power they would be dangerous. We can't trust them."
  2. The line "Back home, they say if you pull the rope too hard, the mule dies." it was changed to "If a mule is forced to carry too much it ends up dying.
  3. The scene where Pietro's wife says "There's trouble with the blacks." it was changed to "There's problems with the Africans."
  4. There scene where Pietro says "The monkey's are the least of my problems." it was changed to "No those Africans are the least of my problems."
  5. The scene where Pietro says "Tell Ciro to take a ride with Gennaro to make these shit blacks change their minds." it was changed to "Tell Ciro to bring Gennaro to a drive there he might be able to change those assholes minds."
  6. The scene where Gennaro says "But doesn't he know there's just blacks here?" it was changed to "But doesn't he know only Africans live here?"
  • Episode 7
  1. The scene where Pietro's wife says "Or do we baptize you too?" it was changed to "Or do we need to name you as well?"
  2. The scene where Peitro's wife says "We'll baptize you too, okay?" it was changed to "I know what your new name is."
  3. The line "She's a dirt lesbian, filthy." was changed to "She was a lesbian, a filthy person."
  4. The scene where Ciro says "That whore will ruin me!" it was changed to "That fucking bitch will ruin me!"

Where to find it uncensored[]

You can watch it in Italian with subtitles turned on.