Goldfinger is a British-American spy film that is part of the James Bond franchise. The movie was produced by United Artists and released on September 17, 1964. To receive an A rating from the BBFC, the UK theatrical version was censored to tone down the violence and sexuality.[1] It has since been assigned a wider PG rating.[2]


UK censorship[]

  • The scene Bonita getting out of the bath was modified for the theatrical version. It now happens off screen.
  • The electrocution in the bath was shortened.
  • The scene of Bond and Jill Masterson together in the bed was shortened.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Though an uncensored version had existed in the United States, due to the DVD and VHS home videos being based on the BBFC version, it is impossible to find the uncensored version as it is assumed to have been lost.


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