New (censored) outfits in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a Chinese-made action role playing video game that was developed and published by miHoYo. The video game was released on September 28, 2020. The character models were patched in 2021 to reduce breast size or to cover up exposed parts of bodies.

The game has two separately-managed servers, one for international users, and the other for mainland Chinese users.


International censorship[]

  • Rosaria's breast size was reduced in patch 1.4.
  • In the patch 2.4 the new censored alternate Jean costume was introduced, where her cleavage was covered up.
  • In the patch 2.4 the new censored alternate Mona costume was introduced, where her clothing near her stomach was covered up.
  • In the patch 2.4 the new censored alternate Amber costume was introduced, where her cleavage was slightly covered up.
  • In patch 2.4 the new censored alternate Rosaria costume was introduced, the breast size was reduced further, and her pants now cover her tights covering all of her legs.
  • When the new censored alternate Shenhe costume was introduced, her clothing was darkened. As a result you can't see her belly button.
  • The censored alternate Rosaria, Jean, Mona, Amber and Shenhe in patch 2.4 will become the model used in cutscenes in 2.5 and onwards.
  • One of an NPC named Ulfr's quotes talking about he's in love with Flora got removed in patch 1.5.1 due to pedophilia, it was changed from "One day, I will confess my love to Flora on board a dandelion boat… It's such a shame that my last few attempts have all sunk on the maiden voyages…" to "Someday, I'll invite Flora to board a dandelion boat that I made myself… It's just a shame that they keep sinking."
    • Also, in patch 1.6, his dialogue is revised.
    • Any instances of Miss Flora is shortened to Flora.
  • In patch 3.6, Tighnari's voice actor Elliot Gindi was replaced by Zachary Gordon due to Elliot Gindi being accused of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Chinese censorship[]


5 levels of censorship in Genshin Impact

  • All international censorship applies.
  • When gliding, if the camera angle is adjusted to look up a character's skirt, the model will fade out so that panties are no longer visible.
    • This also includes male characters and female characters who don't wear skirts or dresses.
  • In patch 2.4, Oz's Chinese voice actor, Li Yuantao was changed to Zhao Yuechang due to Li Yuantao's controversy.

Japanese censorship[]

  • Qiqi's name is pronounced Nana (七七) due to it sounding a lot like "chichi (乳)" which is Japanese for boobs.
  • Shiliu has her name pronounced Zakuro (石榴) because it sounds a bit close to "shiri (尻)" which is Japanese for ass / butt.

Spanish censorship[]

  • The maid NPC located in the Dawn Winery, Moco is renamed to Moke since Moco means snot in Spanish.

Belgian censorship[]

  • The PS4 version is banned in Belgium due to gacha and gambling laws. Belgian gamers can still access the PC and mobile releases, albeit with reduced functionalities in order to comply with local legislation.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Original versions that have not yet been patched may be uncensored, but you cannot play old versions of the game online.

International versions keep those names untouched.


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