Gangster Squad is an action thriller made by Warner Brother, and it was released on January 7, 2013. When the film aired on TNT a number of scenes were cut, in order to get a TV-14 rating.


USA Censorship[]

(This list in complete and will remain incomplete due to TNT no longer airing the censored version. I will leave this list sense it will give you a good idea of what they used to censor.)

  • The line "You belong in a bobby hatch, eating pudding in your goddamn pajamas." was changed to "You belong in a bobby hatch, eating pudding in your damn pajamas."
  • The scene that shows Tommy's body being torn in half was cut.
  • The scene that shows the dogs eating bits and pieces of Tommy's body was cut.
  • The scene where Racine says "Get in the goddamn room." was changed to "Get in the damn room."
  • The scene where Cohen says "Goddamn hero is what he is." was changed to "Damn hero is what he is."
  • The line "Shit!" was changed to "Oh no!"
  • The line "Now who the fuck is this guy?" was changed to "Now who the hell is this guy?"
  • The line "Shit!" it was changed to "Ooooh."
  • The scene that shows the diver in the taxi getting shot with blood splattering onto the window due to the shootout was cut.
  • The scene where Jerry says "Got dammit O'Mara you stupid son of a bitch." was cut.
  • The line "Grenade shit!" was changed to "What the hell is that?!"

Where to find it uncensored[]

The original theatrical release was uncensored. Video releases are uncensored, and streaming sites have it uncensored. As of 2020 it has aired uncensored on TNT, albeit with a TV-MA rating.

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