G.I Joe: Retaliation is a action movie that was produced by Paramount Pictures. The film was released on March 27, 2013. The film was censored worldwide in order to ensure lower age ratings and reduce the runtime. A uncensored Extended Edition was later released.


International censorship[]

(Note: Paramount+ uses the censored theatrical cut.) (Time cuts are not shown)

  • The scene that shows Storm Shadow shooting the guard in the chest was modified for the theatrical release. In the theatrical cut the blood spray was recolored white.
  • The scene that shows Storm Shadow's surgery was cut.
  • The scene that shows Roadblock headbutting firefly was cut.
  • The scene that shows Jaye stitching up Roadblock's shoulder was cut.
  • The scene that shows Jinx killing a soldier with her sword was cut.
  • The scene that shows Havoc being hit by a bunch of bullets was shortened.
  • The scene that shows Zartan being hit by a sword was cut.

Pakistan censorship[]

  • The film was banned in Pakistan due to depicting the country as an unstable state and the fictional portrayal of a "foreign invasion of Pakistan's nuclear installations".

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Extended Edition is uncensored, it can be found on DVD's and on Amazon Video.