Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a Japanese anime that was made by Bones and released on April 5, 2009 – July 4, 2010. The Funimation English dub toned down some of the violence and removed some of the "offensive" religious references. Hulu, Netflix and HBO Max all stream both the censored dub and uncensored sub.


International censorship[]

(The Funimation English Dub changes nearly every line I will only record lines that were censored.)

  • Episode 1
    1. The scene that shows the Ice Alchemist freezing one of the soldiers was modified for the Funimation dub. In the uncensored version the screaming is louder. (in the funimation dub it is a lot quieter and doesn't really sound like he is in pain)
    2. The scene where Edward says "You...just taken your first step towards hell." it was changed to "You know....there are some lines you really shouldn't cross."
  • Episode 3
    1. This is a general edit often in the episode: In the episode characters would just say God while in the dub they either say Leto or the Sun God Leto or some other form of that phrase.
    2. The scene where Rose says "People Aren't things! Yours words are blasphemy against the Creator your going to occur Heaven's wrath." it was changed to "No that's blasphemy. People...we are all children of God created in his image."
    3. The scene where Edward says "It's ironic really that we scientists, who do not need God, are in a certain sense the closest ones to being gods." it was changed to "It's ironic really, that through the application of science we have in many ways been given the power to play God." (I know there is a argument that can be made for this line being censorship or just localization I included it because the meaning is somewhat different.)
    4. The scene where Edward says "What's wrong pussycat? Get a good taste." it was changed to "What's wrong kitty? Get a good taste."
    5. The scene where Father Cornello says "Ridiculous! You fools, who would tread upon Gods domain! This time I will send you back to God for good!" it was changed to "Don't be absurd!? Why so you could use it for yourself please, if you fools are so ready to play God perhaps I should send you to meet him instead!"
  • Episode 8
    1. The scene where Barry says "I enjoy killing so much I can't stand it." it was changed to "I can't control myself." (this could be due to localization , which kind of toned it down/changed the meaning a bit.)
  • Episode 9
    1. The scene where Edward says "You're such a demon." it was changed to "You're a real jerk aren't ya."
    2. The scene where Hughes says "Hey, you kids, you try anything funny with my daughter, and you'll pay for it." it was changed to "Listen up boys, you try anything with my daughter and you'll answer to me.
  • Episode 10
    1. The scene where Hughes says "You son of a bitch!" it was changed to "What the hell are you!?"
  • Episode 11
    1. The scene where thug says "W-what God? Who needs-" it was changed to "You should be the one praying freak!"
  • Episode 14
    1. The scene where one of the soldiers says "Now exterminate those monsters!" it was changed to "Now eliminate those freaks!" (I personally think eliminate makes the statement a bit softer then saying exterminate.)
    2. The scene where Roa "I also participated in the Ishvalan War of Extermination." it was changed to "The last time I saw you in action was the Ishvalan Civil War."
    3. The scene where Greed says "You bastard!" it was changed to Greed yelling.
  • Episode 15
    1. The scene where Edward says "As soon as I called that bastard a closed eye idiot..." it was changed to "That's strange as soon as I insulted Lang this guy completely lost it."
  • Episode 19
    1. The line "I love big boobs!" was changed to "I can't help it! I love them!"
    2. The line "Damn. Colonel, can you give me a light?" was changed to "Hey colonel mind giving me a light here."
  • Episode 20
    1. The scene where Edward says "We'll knock that truth bastard flying, and pull your body out of there!" it was changed to "We'll knock that truth jerk on his butt, and then we're going to pull your body right out of that place!"
  • Episode 26
    1. The line "How could he kidnap Shao May?! That ogre! That devil! That loincloth!" was changed "That suit of armor is going to pay big time! He stole Shao May from me! Kidnapped her! That creep!"
  • Episode 33
    1. The scene where Scar says "I won't give you any time to pray to God." it was changed to "I'll deal with you just like how you dealt with him."
  • Episode 37
    1. The line "Hey, who is this cute little girl?" was changed to "Who's the girl? She's too cute to be hanging out with someone like you."
    2. The scene where Kimblee says "I know that I'm a heretic." it was changed to "My standards do tend to differ from society's."
  • Episode 38
    1. The line "I was treated cruelly by the ungrateful townspeople." was changed to "Even worse I was banned by the ungrateful townspeople."
    2. The scene where Edward says "What are you doing here you dumbass!" it was changed to "What are you doing here you idiot!"
  • Episode 39
    1. The scene where Edward says "You dumbass!" it was changed to "What are you doing!?"
  • Episode 41
    1. The scene where Edward says "That bastard...." it was changed to "Damn you Kimblee!"
    2. The scene where Edward says "Yow! Damn it, I'm going to be even shorter." it was changed to "Urg oww! Falling like that is going to stunt my growth even more."
    3. The scene where Edward says "If this is what mercy gets me, then I've got to wipe my own ass." it was changed to "If this is what mercy gets me, then I will have to learn to pay the price."
    4. The sound effects of the metal pole being pulled out of Edward was mostly muted. (This may due due to it sounding too intense.
  • Episode 43
    1. The line "Don't sell us pieces of crap short." was changed to "You shouldn't have underestimated us scum."
  • Episode 44
    1. The scene where Rose says "...and exposed the the priest's treachery." it was changed to "...and proved his miracles were just alchemy."
  • Episode 46
    1. The scene where Colonel Mustang says "They represent ladylike appeal." it was changed to "They represent ladylike joy."
  • Episode 58
    1. The line "You dumbass! Nevermind us!" was changed to "Don't be stupid stay out of this dammit!"

Where to find it uncensored[]

The original Japanese airings are uncensored.