20 Things BANNED in Fortnite

Fortnite is a series of third person shooter video games that are developed and published by Epic Games. An early build of the game, Fortnite: Save the World, was released through Early Access on July 21, 2017 to pre-order customers and on July 25, 2017 to the rest of the public.



Fortnite Removed Breast Physics

International censorship[]

  • Breast "jiggle physics" were accidentally added in a patch and immediately removed after controversy.[1]
  • Police cars were removed in a patch due to the George Floyd protests.[2]

The Bear Hug Emote was disabled prior to an Ariana Grande Event out of concerns of the ability to trigger an "NSFW" action when crouching.[3] It was later reinstated after being revised.

Chinese Censorship[4][]

  • Any references to skulls have been removed, this includes the Husks in Save the World
  • In the Battle Royale mode, the Storm doesn't make players lose HP, rather a separate health bar dedicated for the storm exists, this bar slowly ticks down whilst the player is in the storm, this is only able to be recharged once outside the storm
  • When a player reaches 90 Minutes on weekdays, and 3 hours on weekends, of playtime, they are prompted to go study and receive no XP
  • Instead of being an in-universe fight to the death, the game in China is a "Training Ground" in-universe, and all of the opponents are regarded as holograms, with the Health Bar representing battery life instead of how close your character is to death

The Chinese version was shut down in November of 2021

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no way to continue playing the pre-patched versions.


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