Fireman Sam is a British animated cartoon series produced by Mattel Television (formerly HIT Entertainment). The series premiered on November 28, 1989. In 2007, the production switched from stop motion to CGI and is still ongoing. When Season 9 was released, one episode was pulled by Channel 5 due to controversy.


International censorship[]

Season 9[]

Fireman Sam Troubled Waters

The controversial shot from the episode, containing text from the Quran

  • Episode 6 ("Troubled Waters")
    1. This episode was pulled from airing in 2016 due to Elvis slipping on a page from the quran.
    2. The scene where Elvis slips on some paper was modified for the 2016 International re-release. The quran page was changed to a blank piece of paper.

Due to the controversy, HIT Entertainment, now Mattel Television, terminated Xing Xing Digital's contract which had worked with them for eight years.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The episode "Troubled Waters" can be found uncensored in the Season 9 DVD home video. The online versions, and the streaming versions were originally uncensored, but they use the censored version as of 2020.

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