Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a strategy video game that was developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo's Kou Shibusawa subsidiary. The game was released worldwide by Nintendo for the Switch on July 26, 2019.


International censorship[]


  1. The scene where Kostas says "Shit! As long as I kill you here…!" was changed to "I’m gonna kill you where you stand…"

White Clouds[]

  • Mission 1 (After Battle)
  1. The scene where Kostas says "Shit! All I had to do was kill a couple of noble brats!" was changed to "What is this nonsense?! All I was told was to kill as many noble pipsqueaks as possible!"
  2. The scene where Kostas says "Wait! Wait, you bastard! …Damn it!!!" was changed to "Wait, get back here! Damn you!"
  • Mission 2 (Battle)
  1. The scene where Kostas says "…Shit! Is it those knight guys? Freaking chasing us all the way here…!" was changed to "The knights chased us all the way here?!"
  2. The scene where Kostas says "…You dumbass, where would we run to now, huh?! How can you be a bandit if you’re afraid of dying?" was changed to "Shut your dumb mouth! Where would we go at this point? You can’t be a thief if you fear death!"
  • Mission 3 (Explore)
  1. The scene where Hilda says "You’re a girl, too, so you need to be more careful!" was changed to "I’d have expected you to be more careful, seeing as how you’re a professor and all."
  • Mission 4 (Explore)
  1. The scene where the Rouge says "Or do you want to have some fun with me? I can go for anything" was changed to "Loosen up. How ’bout a game? You like cards?"
  • Mission 5 (Battle)
  1. The scene where Miklan says "You bastards think you’re going to snatch the lance away from me…? I’ll kill you… I’ll freaking kill all of you." was changed to "So, you think you can take the lance from me, huh? I’ll kill you… I’ll kill every last one of you!"
  2. The scene where Miklan says "Why have you come, “Milady”… you pampered crest-bearer…!" was changed to "Why have you come, you Crest-bearing fool?"
  3. The scene where Sylvain says "…The “Lance of Rupturing”. I came to return it. But go ahead and make me feel like I’m the one who has others wipe my ass." was changed to "I’m here for the Lance of Ruin, Miklan. Hand it over. I don’t want to humiliate you, but I will."
  • Mission 7 (Explore)
  1. The scene where a female resdient in Abyss says "…My entire family was killed. Just because I happened to catch a noble’s eye. My husband, my son, my parents… They tried to protect me, and…" was changed to "When the nobles came for me, they were completely without mercy. They… They killed everyone. My parents. My husband. My son. They all died… for nothing. For being in the way."
  • Mission 8 (Battle)
  1. The scene where the Villager says "Villager: Damnit… Why…?" was changed to "No… Why?!"
  2. The scene where the Villager says "Aah, mommy…" was changed to "Aaagh! No…"
  • Mission 9 (Battle)
  1. The option The students were eaten? was changed to Where did they come from


  • Ingrid/Dorothea
  1. The scene where Doretha says "Ingrid was nearly violated…" was changed to "Clumsy bribe though, giving me a ring and not telling me why."
  • Ferdinand & Lysithea
  1. The scene where the Rouge says "We’ll kill you! We’ll slaughter you!" was changed to "Now we’re gonna make you pay!"
  • Sylvain
  1. The scene where the Thief Leader says when he is talking to Sylvain "Quit prattling, princess! Nobody stoops to banditry because they want to!" was changed to "Quiet, fool! You think I have any other choice but to be a thief?"


  • Byleth/Edelgard C Support
  1. The options you can pick are I heard something/A sneak Visit was changed to I heard something/I was restless
  2. If you pick the second option Edelgard says "A sneak...Sensei, do you even know what that means!?" was changed to "What could that possible mean?"
  • Byleth/Dorothea C Support
  1. The line where Dorothea says "You may not need to rush since you’re a man sensei, but a woman’s beauty fully blossoms for a short time." was changed to "As a man, you may not feel so rushed about these things, but I know my beauty will eventually fade."
  • Byleth/Dorothea B Support
  1. The line where Dorothea says Hehe… where could Sensei's weak spots be I wonder. Your ears? Nape? armpit? Or is it..." was changed to "I bet I know your weakness. It’s not mental, is it? It’s physical! You’re ticklish! Here, I’ll prove it."
  • Byleth/Dorothea S Support Female
  1. The line "…Thank you. I’m a woman though? Are you sure?" was changed to "Are you sure? You want to spend your life with…me?"

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The Japanese version is uncensored.


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