How Final Fantasy VII Remake Was 'Censored' In Japan

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Japanese RPG that was developed by Square Enix Business Division 1 and published by Square Enix. Released on April 10, 2020, the game is a hidden sequel of Final Fantasy VII that tries to fool the unbeknownst player into believing they're playing actual 1-to-1 remake, but the facade is being completely dropped in the second half of the game. It is followed by Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. According to director Tetsuya Nomura, the game was subject to censorship by Square Enix's “ethics department”.[1]


International censorship[]

  • Some character models were changed from the original release of Final Fantasy VII. For example, in the remake some character's breasts were reduced in size.
  • The Final Fantasy VII series has been known for its uncensored impalement scenes. Final Fantasy VII Remake censored those scenes from the original game by adding black mist and it continued in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion.
  • In February 2024, Final Fantasy VII Remake received an update a few days before the release of Rebirth. Tifa's cowgirl outfit, which appeared in a flashback scene, was censored slightly with a black undershirt hiding cleavage from the outfit.
    • This was a retroactive change to match the outfit's design, which had changed in the game's prequel, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, and sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.
  • Dyne's unhealthy mentality and other aspects in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was toned down for his arc. Rather than killing people at random out of frustration, he tries to assassinate Palmer upon hearing word that a Shinra executive is going to appear at the Gold Saucer, which results in innocent people being mowed down in his failed attempt. Dyne is also no longer the head of the Corel Prison, and his near psychotic nihilistic state is instead depicted as him being extremely paranoid and seeing hallucinations of his dead wife, Eleanor. It is believed that the increase in spree killings and mass shootings after the original game was released, as well as controversies of failing to ensure mental health faculties for at-risk people contributed to this.

Japanese censorship[]

  • The scene where Madam M says "Scum-sucking piece of shit festering asshole!" was completely bleeped out.[2]

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Japanese censorship is not present in every other language, while the patch to Tifa's outfit is not present in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade versions below 1.003.