FLCL is a Japanese anime that was made by Production I.G, the anime was released in April 26, 2000 and it ended in March 16, 2001. When the show aired on Adult Swim it was censored, as a result some nudity was removed and strong language was removed, and altered some scenes that may trigger epileptics.


USA Censorship[]

Adult Swim Censorship[]

Season One[]

  • Episode 2
  1. The scene where Haruko says "Shit!" was muted. The 2018 broadcast on Adult Swim now leaves the word uncensored. Conversely, the scene of Haruko changing her outfit removes the black screen in-betweens to prevent seizures in the 2018 broadcast.
  • Episode 6
  1. The scene that shows a mosaic covering Kamon's genitals was modified for the Adult Swim broadcast. In the Adult Swim version the mosaic was digitally enlarged. This is still kept in the 2018 broadcast, though the mosaic is slightly smaller in comparasion to the 2003 broadcast.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Japanese sub is completely uncensored and the DVD's/ Blu-Ray's are completely uncensored.