Evil Dead is a horror supernatural splatter film that was directed by Fede Alvarez and is released by Sony Pictures Entertainment along with FilmDistrict, with StudioCanal handling UK release and Metropolitan Filmexport handling release in France. The movie was released on April 5th, 2013. Due to the FSK guidelines being a little more strict on home entertainment media than in cinemas, the German video releases were censored by approximately a minute in order to retain its FSK-18 rating. The uncensored version (based on the normal R-rated theatrical version) is light SPIO/JK indexed, which means various sales & advertising restrictions.


Germany censorship[]

(FSK-18 rated home video releases)

  • The scene where Eric repeatedly hits Olivia with a piece of toilet was removed.
  • A tracking shot over Olivia's corpse was removed.
  • The scene where Natalie follows how Mia cuts her tongue with the carpet knife was removed.
  • The scene where Natalie tries to cut off her arm with the electric kitchen knife is missing.
  • The explicit shots of Natalie cutting off her arm were removed.
  • The shot with a nail gun hitting its target is missing.
  • The scene where Natalie hits David with a crowbar repeatedly is shortened.
  • Natalie breaking Eric's hand was removed.
  • The scene with the machete cutting through Mia's arm is missing.
  • The scene where Mia chainsaws a demon's leg off was removed.
  • The scene where Mia tearing her hand apart was made harmless and less graphic.
  • The Mia chainsaw action scene was shortened.

Where to find it uncensored?[]

The unrated SPIO/JK DVD and Blu-ray releases are uncensored, and the movie is completely uncensored in every other country.