El Matador is a third-person shooting video game that was developed by Plastic Reality Technologies and published by Cenega Publishing, 1C Company(Steam). The video game was released on September 29, 2006. In order to get released in Germany the game had to be censored.


Germany censorship[]

  • The stun gun's rate of fire was reduced.
  • The MP5 was downgraded to a stun weapon.
  • Ragdoll effects were removed.
  • It is no longer possible to shoot at copses.
  • The story was completely rewritten so the main character is no longer part of the DEA and instead a double cover agent who is a gangster. This change was made due to his actions in the game being questionable at times.
  • Blood splatters has been reduced.
  • Pools of blood were removed.
  • And blood stains on the walls were removed.
  • Images of Hitler were removed.
  • References to Nazis were removed.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Every other country has it completely uncensored.