Duke Nukem 64 is a first-person shooting video game that was developed by 3D Realms/Eurocom and published by GT Interactive. The video game was released on November 16, 1997, due to Nintendo's policies at the time the game was heavily censored.


International Censorship[]

  • Woman who were kidnapped and wrapped in a cocoon beg you to kill them was modified for the Nintendo 64 release. In the Nintendo 64 release they wear less suggestive outfits and you can no longer kill them.
  • The statistics at the end of each level even show how many babes you saved and how many you missed was removed.
  • In the levels "Dark Side", "Overlord, Dreadnought" and "Raw Meat" orginally had woman hanging from the ceiling. In the Nintendo 64 version they were replaced with shredded copies.
  • Adult posters, magazines, calendars were removed.
  • Erotic themes were removed.
  • Most alcoholic beverages were removed.
  • Steroids were renamed Vitamin X.
  • The levels "Faces of Death", "Multiplayer 3", "Multiplayer 4", "Multiplayer 5", "Spin Cycle", "Tier Drops".
  • The level "Red Light District" was renamed "Gun Crazy".
    • The porn shop "Forbidden Videos & Books" was changed to gun shop, and was renamed "Simon Koe's Gun Botique".
    • The strip club became the delivery entrance to "Duke Burger".
    • The sign for the strip club and it's poster were removed.
    • The Strip bar became a warehouse.
  • Strippers were removed from the game.
  • The chapel in the level "Death Row" was removed.
  • In the level "Lunar Reactor" the corpse hanging in the cave was replaced with Yoda.
  • In the level "Raw Meat" "Exotica - Tonight" poster with a scantily clad dancer at the beginning of the level. The Nintendo 64 version features a poster for a band called "The good old boys".
    • Two geisha figures stand in the aisles of the "Dukei Sushi" restaurant. If you press the "Use" button in the PC version, they show the player their breasts. While in the Nintendo 64 version they don't.
  • In the level "Flood Zone" on the neon advertising sign for the "Alley Cat Lounge" you can see a dancing stripper In the Nintendo 64 version it became a cat.
  • In this level "LA Rumble" you go into a abortion clinic. The head of a fetus and various innards lie on an operating table, and there is a vacuum cleaner in front of the table. Elsewhere in the room are some mason jars with dead babies. All of this was completely removed in the Nintendo 64 version.
  • In the level "Fahrenheit" the station "KTIT" became "KNAW"
    • The scene Duke says "KTIT, K-Tit, playing the breast, uh, BEST tunes in town."
  • In the level "Stadium" the cheerleaders wear more modest clothing.
  • The intro text was changed to remove references to alcohol, sex and the real Los Angeles and the LAPD.
  • The boss Battlelord is no longer shot in the head by Duke. And the line that Duke says after it "Nobody steels our chicks ... And lives!" was cut.
  • The second boss fight was more or less completely changed with references to alcohol and sex being removed.
  • When the game ends you no longer hear a woman say "Ooooh, come back to bed, Duke! I'm ready for some action, NOW!", you also no longer hear any moans or sex noises.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Duke Nukem 3D is uncensored while some of the content in it is slightly different it is more or less the same game.