Drawn Together is an adult animated series that aired on Comedy Central. It premiered on October 27, 2004, and it ended on November 14, 2007.

Due to network standards, strong language, nudity, and certain scenes of sexual content is censored. In some episodes, some scenes have to be removed due to time constraints. All the DVD releases are uncensored.


USA Censorship[]

Comedy Central[]

Season 1[]
  1. Hot Tub
    1. The narrator says, "Wooldoor Sockbat, a fucking annoying, wacky whatchamacallit." The word "fucking" is bleeped.
    2. The scene where Captain Hero waits for the 12 year old and a donkey was shortened.
    3. Foxxy says, "Why you fronting my shit, bitch?" The word "shit" is bleeped.
    4. The scene where Foxxy and Clara was fighting, some inaudible words are bleeped.
    5. The scene where Foxxy fixes her blouse is pixelated.
    6. Clara says, "I thought those people pick banjos, not fights. I was so upset about what Foxxy had done. I sure hope this comically misleading nose job makes me feel better." was shortened to "I was so upset about what Foxxy had done... I thought those people picked banjos, not fights."
    7. The scene where Clara checks herself in the mirror is cut.
    8. Toot's breast was pixaled.
    9. Toot says, "I swear to fucking god, I'll chop my fucking head off!" Both instances of the word "fucking" are bleeped.
    10. Toot says, "Would you just put it in me already, even if you're just looking for a place to pee?" was shortened to "Would you just put in me already?"
    11. In the original airing, the scene where Spanky grows an erection is uncensored. This is later pixelated in the reruns.
    12. Spanky says, "If that'll get you out of that robe so I can check out that precious vertical smile of yours!" The word "robe" is replaced by "ball pit".
    13. Clara says, "Where I come from, all my servants are black. Or worse." The word "worse" is replaced by "Presbyterian".
    14. Foxxy says, "You can apologize by shutting the fuck up." The word "fuck" is bleeped.
    15. The scene where Foxxy and Clara kiss is altered.
    16. The scene where Wooldoor is freed from the fart bubble and burns to ashes is cut.
    17. Foxxy says, "You shittin' me." The word "shittin'" is bleeped.
    18. The scene of the live-action news report about the tornado is cut.
    19. The countdown strikes of Clara saying the word "Ling Ling" is digitally removed.
    20. The scene where Spanky says, "So we were gathered in the living room to vote and to be honest, I was totally looking forward to voting that hot black chick out. No, wait a minute. Not voting. I mean, eating!" is cut.
    21. The previews of the upcoming episodes are shortened.
  2. Clara's Dirty Little Secret
    1. The conversation between Clara and Toot is slightly shortened.
    2. The scene where the couple is having sex was replaced with Clara covering her eyed.
    3. The scene where Wooldoor is inside Clara's vagina, the "VAG CAM" logo is digitally removed.
    4. The 24 countdown logo is digitally removed.
    5. The scene where Prince Harry falls into the pool causing it to be on fire is cut.
  3. Gay Bash
    1. Toot says, "OK, who left their golden ring of qwelldar in the fucking crapper?!" The word "fucking" is bleeped.
    2. Foxxy says, "Man, this is some bullshit." The word "shit" is bleeped.
    3. The scene where Spanky says, "Just do it. If you can sew it, you can achieve it." is cut.
    4. Xandirs's penis is blurred during the gloryhole scenes.
    5. Clara says, "Tell us where the lamp is, you lousy lying piece of shit!" The word "shit" is bleeped.
    6. Xandir says, "Fuck this shit! I'm gonna off this glue-sniffing cocksucker right fucking now!" The words "fuck", "shit", "cock", and "fucking" are bleeped.
    7. Snagglepuss' and Elmer Fudd's face are silll blurred in the uncensored version due to avoid copyright issues.
  4. Requiem for a Reality Show
    1. Captain Hero's penis is blurred.
    2. Spanky says, "Aw, fuck this shit!" The words "fuck" and "shit" are bleeped.
  5. The Other Cousin
    1. Clara says, "Oh, fuck me."
    2. Xander says, "When we licked Ling-Ling last time, we got all fucked up. But this time, nothing happened. Well, we got a little aroused, but not fucked up." Both instances of the word "fucked" are bleeped.
    3. Bleh's breasts are pixelated throughout the episode.
    4. Captain Hero says, "Holy shit!" The word "shit" is bleeped.
    5. Wooldoor says, "I'll suck your dick!" The word "dick" is bleeped.
    6. The subtitles during the oral sex scene that says, "slurp, slurp, drool, drool" is removed.
    7. The scene where Clara gives Captain Hero an antidote is cut.
    8. The scene where Xander and Toot hugging each other and Wooldoor tearing himself into two to do the same is cut.
    9. Wooldoor, Toot and Xandir's breast and genitals are blurred during their naked drug trip.
    10. When Bleh enters the bus, the disabled version of Drawn Together characters are replaced by unknown disabled characters.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The DVD's are uncensored.