Dragon Quest VIII is an Japanese RPG video game that was developed Level-5 for the Playstation 2 version and Square Enix for the 3DS remake. The video game was published by Square Enix and Nintnedo, the game was released on November 27, 2004 (PlayStation 2) while the 3DS remake came out in August 27, 2015. Certain costumes were altered in the 3DS version in order to tone down the amount of sexuality in the game and violence was toned down.


International Censorship[]

(All of this censorship only applies to the 3DS)

  • The scene that shows David eating dog food was replaced with David just being intimidated.
  • The scene that shows Marcello stabbing his arm was replaced with him throwing a fireball at it.
  • Jessica's alternative costumes were made less revealing.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The PlayStation 2 version is completely uncensored.