Dr. No is an American spy movie that is the first part of the James Bond franchise. The movie was released on October 5, 1962. When it was released in the United Kingdom, the BBFC censored it.


UK censorship[]

  • The scene that shows James Bond fighting the chauffeur was shortened. The BBFC version removed the scene that shows James Bond hitting the chauffeur when he is defenseless, and the scene that shows James Bond knee kicking the chauffeur.
  • The scene that shows James Bond killing Dent was modified for the BBFC release. In the American version James Bond fired mutable rounds at Dent. In the BBFC version James Bond shoots Dent one time.
  • The scene where Dr. No says "I'm sure she will amuse the guards" was changed to "The guards will amuse her".
  • The scene that shows Dr. No's henchmen beating up James Bond when he is on the table was cut.

Where to find it uncensored[]

While it was uncensored in the American movie theater the BBFC version of the movie became the worldwide version for the DVDs and VHS. As a result there is no way to watch the uncensored version of the movie as it may have been lost.