Disney+ is a content streaming service that launched on November 12, 2019. In India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, Disney+ is provided via Hotstar.

Due to the policies on Disney+ content, some of its content had to be edited from the original version; some used versions that were modified before Disney+. Prior to the introduction of parental controls on March 16, 2022, content rated higher than PG-13 or TV-14 would not be streaming on Disney+; more mature content typically belongs to the Hulu streaming service in the United States or the Star content hub of Disney+ in other countries. The first R-rated content to stream on Disney+ in the United States are the films Deadpool and Logan, which censored the flashing passenger near the start of the film.

Disney+ original content was censored once. One year after the original release, an episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was modified, but the uncensored version was restored shortly after.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of content censored on Disney+ in the United States.

A Goofy Movie[]

  • Sexuality was toned down.

All Hail the King[]

  • A racial slur was removed.

Adventures in Babysitting[]

  • The film’s TV edit is used instead, complete with toned-down profanity.

The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin[]

  • All racial slurs were muted.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.[]

  • Violence was toned down.

Aladdin (1992)[]

  • Three lines were censored in the movie, two of the edits already existed on the DVDs. Those two edits were made due to people complaining about sexism and racism. The Disney+ version has additional censorship.

Andi Mack[]

  • Scenes involving Cyrus' homosexuality were toned down.
  • All episodes with Henry "Ham" Mack were banned due to his actor, Stoney Westmoreland being convicted for sexual offenses and fired from Disney.


  • The show was made more family friendly.


  • Scenes involving Dirk Mann were toned down due to his actor, Jake Paul being fired from Disney due to his controversial and reckless behavior.

Darby O'Gill and the Little People[]

  • There are actually two versions of the film's soundtrack. Several of the original Irish actors' accents (notably Darby, Widow Sheelah Sugrue, King Brian, and the Leprechauns) were deemed too difficult for American audiences to understand and were consequently overdubbed with easier-to-understand voices, possibly from different voice actors. The original soundtrack also contains some dialogue in Irish, especially from King Brian and his leprechaun subjects, which was subsequently changed in the overdubbed version to English alternatives.

Darkwing Duck[]

  • One of the episodes are banned due to it's controversial material.
  • Scenes that have either flashing lights or fast-moving backgrounds have to be slowed downed or darkened.


  • During the scene in which Deadpool and Weasel enter the strip club to find Vanesse, two of the strippers within the club have their lower privates blurred out. (Note: This film is only shown on international versions of Disney+)

Disney theatrical shorts[]

  • Several shorts were censored due to those shorts causing a parent to complain about characters swearing (they do not swear, but it sounds like that due to Donald's heavy accent), along with violence, suicide, alcohol, racism, and cannibalism.


  • Two episodes were banned for racism. The episodes are "Sphinx for the Memories" and Launchpad's Civil War".

The Emperor's New Groove[]

  • Violence was toned down.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier[]

  • On March 29, 2022 (about one year after the initial release), violence was toned down in one episode. However, the uncensored version was quickly restored after a day or two.


  • The movie uses the DVD edits, meaning "racist scenes" were altered or removed, and Deems Taylor’s voice is still overdubbed by Corey Burton.
  • A warning plays before the movie starts.

Free Solo[]

  • Profanity was removed. The F-word was substituted. A use of the word "goddamn" was edited out.


  • Violence was toned down.

Goof Troop[]

  • An episode was banned on Disney+.

Hannah Montana[]

  • Isis was renamed Ice due to the association of the acronym "ISIS" with the Islamic State, though a similar Isis reference in Even Stevens is not censored.

The Little Mermaid[]

  • The scene where Eric is about to marry Ursula is still censored to remove the minister’s knee (which some viewers thought looked like an erection).

Marvel's Inhumans[]

  • Violence was toned down.

The Muppet Christmas Carol[]

  • Bobby Benson's cigarette is removed, as are the puppets’ arm rods.

Obi-Wan Kenobi[]

  • This series premiered just three days after the worst school shooting in the United States in a decade, where a gunman killed 19 fourth graders and a teacher in Uvalde, TX and coincidentally, the opening scene of Obi-Wan Kenobi was part of the Order 66 sequence scene in Revenge of the Sith, which showed a class of Jedi Younglings going through meditations moves with their teacher, only for the Clone Troopers barging in and start shooting at them (no Youngling died on screen, but their teacher did after a protracted fight). Disney+ quickly put a disclaimer warning about it: pointing out that this was a continuation of the Order 66 scene in Episode III, which was made in 2005, which showed Younglings in the Jedi Temple as it came under attack - but warning that in light of recent tragic events it may be upsetting to some viewers.

The Rescuers[]

  • The naked woman seen briefly in the background is still censored.

The Santa Clause[]

  • The infamous "Spank Me" hotline number is still censored.

Santa's Workshop[]

  • A warning now plays over the film and a number of "racist" scenes were removed.

Schoolhouse Rock[]

  • The episode "Introduction" is missing due to the original master being lost.
  • The episode "Presidential Minute/The Campaign Trail" was banned for political reasons.
  • The episode "The Greatest Show on Earth/The Weather Show" is missing due to legal issues with Barnum & Bailey.
  • Season 7 (Earth Rock) is missing.

The Simpsons[]

  • The episode "Stark Raving Dad" is not available on Disney+ due to child sexual abuse accusations towards Michael Jackson.
  • In the episode "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday", the scene where the Super Bowl commercial narrator says "The Catholic Church..." was changed to "The church..."
  • In the episode "Gorgeous Grampa", the Homer Shake couch gag was cut, along with the whole opening theme song, except for the cloud at the start.
  • The episode "Goo Goo Gai Pan" is not available to users in Hong Kong upon the launch of Disney+ in the region.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends[]

  • A content warning plays before the episode "Sunfire" starts.
  • The episode "The Quest of the Red Skull" is not available on Disney+ due to political imagery.


  • Nudity was censored.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope[]

  • All edits shown on the Special Edition were used.
  • The scene where Han shoots Greedo was modified for the Disney+ release. In the Disney+ version, Greedo says "Maclunkey".

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back[]

  • All edits shown on the 70mm version were used.

The Sword in the Stone[]

  • One of the lines in the movie was altered.

The Three Little Pigs[]

  • Jewish stereotypes were removed and a content warning plays before the movie starts.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit[]

  • Risqué scenes was removed from the film, along with a line that contained a word mistaken for a racist slur.
    • The scenes were present on early VHS home videos, but some details did not become visibly noticeable until the LaserDisc release.
    • The latter is a line during the "piano bar battle" scene in which Donald says "Doggone stubborn little—!" to Daffy. Due to Donald's heavy accent, some mistook the word "little" for a racial slur.

Wizards of Waverly Place[]

  • Nudity was censored from this series as well, but it is mostly minor blurring like small exposure to breasts (cleavage).
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