Deja Vu is a texted based adventure video game that was developed by Kemco and published by Kemco, Seika. The video game was released on November 22, 1988, due to Nintendo's policies at the time the game had to be censored.


International Censorship[]


  • The file select screen was modified for the International release. In the uncensored version next to the gun is a glass full of alcohol while in the censored version there are coins next to the gun.
  • The electric chair portion of the game was censored. In the uncensored version the text says "It looks like an electric chair, but it has no cord attached. It's got supports for one's arms and neck, like a dentist's chair. What could it be for? .....I haven't the faintest!!" it was changed to "It looks like an unusual chair. It has restraints for the arms and head. Perhaps it's a dentist's chair."
  • The syringe next to the electric chair was changed to capsules.
    • When using the syringe (or in the International version the capsules) it says "Your left forearm. Rolling up the sleeve, you find a tiny puncture on your arm." in it International version it says "Has a doctor injected me with medicine? Then you realize you can't remember who you are!!"
  • The line "It looks like a shot of rye mixed with something." was changed to "It's a shot full of seltzer."
  • In the uncensored version you knock out of prostitute, in the International version it was changed to her being a normal woman and the joke was changed it also makes you seem more remorseful in the International version.
  • The scene that shows a man dead with his head lying on a desk was modified for the International release. In the International release the blood was removed.

(Path: if you shoot the prostitute)

    • The scene that shows the prostitute lying on the street was heavily censored for the International release. In the uncensored version the line is "The woman is now truly a part of the street...several parts in fact. She's no longer a pretty sight. And just as you had to pay for the former pretty sight, you will now have to pay." it was changed to "You decide to shoot her. The cops right around and the corner shows up immediately."
    • The image was also changed it no longer shows the prostitute lying on the street and instead shows a Blam screen like you would see in a comic book.

(Path: if the prostitute shoots you)

    • The line "Blam! Your're too late pal, she used a gun from her purse to plug three slugs of cheap lead into portions of your body where they don't belong. Your suit is ruined and you slowly die." it was changed to "Blam! You're too late pal, she used a gun from her purse to plug you full of holes."
    • The line "As you writhe in pain on the pavement, the blood beings to fill your lungs and overflow out of your mouth and nostrils. You realize with horror that you will be found dead without a proper change of underwear and socks. You cringe in the worst way till death mercifully takes the unbearable thought away." was cut.

(If you go into the police station without evidence)

    • The line "They have many questions to ask you, but they are unable to get any coherent responses from a man whose memory has deteriorated. You are held in custody, while your brain quickly rots to a vegetable status." was changed to "You. You were questioned over and over. But your memory is completely gone.
    • The line "Hospital's brand new wing for the hopeless mental invalids." was changed to "Because you didn't find the antidote. You spend the rest of your life in a mental intuition."
  • The blood on the Alligator's head was recolored black.
  • The game over screen was modified for the International release. In the uncensored version it shows a creepy slightly bloodied skull while in the censored version it shows a tombstone.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Japanese Famicom version is uncensored; every other platform is uncensored worldwide.