Deathstroke (2016) is a comic book series that was made by DC and was released on 2016 and ended in 2019. Due to the comic getting a 15 rating and due to DC's standards when it comes to language in it's comics. The comic book series was censored.


International Censorship[]

  • Issue 2
  1. The scene where Adeline says "It's an emergeny you asshole!" it was changed to "It's an emergency you ass--"
  • Issue 3
  1. The scene where one of the gangsters says "Smoke that motherfucker!" it was changed to "Smoke that mother--"
  • Issue 4
  1. The sccene where one of the hitmen says "You--You mothafucker!!" it was changed to "You--You motha--!!"
  • Issue 5
  1. The scene where Rose says "...Pompous motherfucker." it was changed to "...Pompous mother..."
  2. The scene where a gangster says "--Crazy Bitch, I kill y--!!" it was changed to "--Crazy B, I kill y--"
  • Issue 9
  1. The scene where the homeless vet says "Yo, I kill you, bitch" it changed to "You, I kill you, b--"

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no uncensored version available to the public.