Death end re;Quest 2 is a RPG video game that was developed by Compile Heart and published by Compile Heart, Idea Factory, and Reef Entertainment. The video game was released in Japan for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) on February 13, 2020. Due to Sony's censorship policies, the PS4 version of the game was censored worldwide.

Update: 09/24/2023

The Nintendo Switch English Release is Also Censored


International censorship[]

(PS4 and initial PC release only)

  • "Glitch" mode outfits were made less revealing with cleavage and pelvic areas being more covered up.[1]

Where to find it uncensored[]

Although the "Glitch" mode costumes were uncensored in the first Death end re;Quest, there is no uncensored version of the sequel for the PlayStation 4. After an online poll was held the updated PC versions of Death end re;Quest 2 were released in an uncensored state.[2]


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