Death Note is an anime that was produced by Madhouse. It premiered on October 3, 2006 and ended on June 26, 2007. The anime has been banned in Russia and China. The English dub is slightly censored.


International censorship[]

(The dub was slightly censored though most changes are not listed here due to them being more of a localization change rather than being censorship.)

  • Gook's name was changed to Gukku since it’s a racial slur.
  • Episode 2
    1. The scene where Light says "And those who have done wrong fear that heaven's judgement will strike down upon them." was changed to "While those who have done wrong are on the run. They are forced to hide from a unknown enemy."
  • Episode 8
    1. The line "The ICPO has decided to dispatch 1500 investigators from various developed countries to Japan." was changed to "Interpol has decided to dispatch 1500 investigators to Japan. These investigators were drawn from the various member nations.
  • Episode 9
    1. The scene where Light says "The Death Note is a pain in the ass!" was changed to "It's inconvenient that's the flaw with the Death Note!"
  • Episode 17
    1. The scene where Light's Dad says "If the killings don't stop then he'll take responsibility and end his own life." was changed to "if the killings don't stop he to will be executed."
    2. The scene where Misa says "Too guys chained together is kinda gross..." was changed to "Looking at you I never would have guessed..."
  • Episode 19
    1. The line "This is heaven..." was changed to "Man we got to do this more often."
  • Episode 23
    1. The scene where Light says "Could Kira's power be from heaven or something." was changed to "Could it really be Kira's power comes from another world or some bein?"
  • Episode 25
    1. The line "You bastard!" was changed to "Light that's what your plan is..."

Chinese censorship[]

  • The anime has been banned in mainland China due to students owning notebooks that looked like death notes.

Russian censorship[]

  • A court ruling in 2021 banned the anime in Russia due to its violent content and copycats that have their own personal "death notes". Before it was banned, it was given an age rating of 16+ without any excisions.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The subtitles based on the Japanese audio is uncensored.