Dead in Tombstone is a western horror film that was produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. The game was released on October 22, 2013. The film was censored in order to ensure a R rating in the USA, a unrated edition would later release. Tubi uses the censored R rated cut.


USA Censorship[]


(Uses the censored R rated cut)

  • The scene that shows a close up on a bullet wound after a man gets shot in a hail of bullets was cut.
  • The scene that shows Cavanaugh having fun with a bunch of prostitutes was modified for the R rated cut. In the R rated version it shows a alternate camera angel and is shortened as a result you don't see any of the prostitutes breasts like you do in the uncensored version.
  • The scene that shows a cowboy's head being smashed in was replaced with a far away shot to make it less graphic.
  • The scene that shows half naked woman running away screaming as bullets are flying everywhere was replaced with shots showing the railing and bar being shot up.
  • The scene that shows a couple having sex was cut.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Unrated edition is uncensored, and every other country had this movie uncensored to begin with.