Daikatana is a first person shooting video game that was developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive/ Kemco. The video game was released on May 22, 2000. Due to the game (The PC release got the 16 rating) targeting a USK 16 rating the game was censored in Germany. In order to release the Nintendo 64 version in Europe the game had to be censored. The game on the Nintendo 64 was originally going to be even more violent but due to Nintendo's policies at the game some of the violence was toned down.


Germany Censorship[]

(PC version)

  • Red blood splatters were recolored grey.
  • In the uncensored version, enemies body parts can be separated from the body, in the German version it isn't possible.
  • Human enemies were changed to cyborgs/robots.

Europe Censorship[]

(Nintendo 64)

  • Blood splatters were replaced by sparks.
  • You can no longer kill civilians or prisoners.

International Censorship[]

(Nintendo 64)

  • Some of the more graphic scenes that were on the PC never made it onto the Nintendo 64.

Where to find it uncensored?[]

Later patches made the German release of the PC version uncensored, and every other country always had the PC version uncensored.