Crush Gear Turbo (Japanese: 激闘!クラッシュギアTURBO, Hepburn: Gekitō! Kurasshugia Tābo), also known just as Crush Gear, is an anime and manga series about people who throw mechanical vehicles into a large ring to fight and "crush" each other. The 68-episode anime series produced by Sunrise aired across Japan on Animax from October 7, 2001 to January 26, 2003. Magna Pacific released Crush Gear Turbo dubbed in English in Australia. It was followed on by a spin-off series, Crush Gear Nitro, which has also been aired across Japan by Animax.

In the Philippines, Crush Gear Turbo was dubbed in Filipino and originally premiered on ABS-CBN in April 2003. The anime was also aired on Cartoon Network Philippines with an English dub.

Philippines Censorship[]

ABS-CBN and Cartoon Network Philippines[]

  • Episode 12 "Shijō Saikyō no Gia Gaiki"
    1. There is an occurence of swearing at the end of the match. When Kouya cries after being defeated by Takeshi, he says "Kuso!" (which means "shit" in Japanese) several times. Due to censorship, this line was changed to "No!" in both English and Filipino dubs.
  • Episode 45 "Uketsuga Rerumono"
    1. Due to the scene's speed, viewers thought that Kouya sprained his wrist because it is hit by Tiger Commander. However, he dodges the Gear from hitting him. In one instance, the scene becomes negative when Kouya sprained his wrist due to censorship.
  • Episode 60 "Yakusoku no Faito"
    1. In the Filipino dub of the episode, Wang Hu says "Laban, laban, laban, laban!" which means "Fight, fight, fight, fight!" due to censorship.