While anyone is invited to contribute to this wiki, the Censorship Wiki maintains a policy to ensure a vibrant community of collaborators.

Common rules

Any user found in violation of the site's policy can be reported to an administrator for blocking.

  • Vandalism and spam are not allowed or encouraged. Fandom's SOAP Bot will quickly and automatically rollback edits which it thinks are unconstructive. It observes a one-revert rule, so if you believe the edit you made was constructive, you can undo the bot's revert. Repeatedly making unconstructive edits will result in a block.
  • Only include actual instances of censorship. No fanon is permitted. Persistent introduction of false information in this wiki is grounds for a block. If you want to make fanon censorship pages then go to the censorship idea wiki.
  • Stay civil with constructive criticism. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Repeatedly attacking editors will result in a block.
  • Due to Fandom's Terms of Use NSFW images (e.g., nudity or real images of violence and gore) are not allowed to be uploaded onto this wiki. If your uploaded image breaks that rule, your image will be deleted and you will be issued a warning. If broken again you will get a block.
  • This wiki is not a place for protesting censorship or for supporting censorship. Maintain a neutral point of view. It is a place to document cases of censorship and where it can be obtained uncensored.

Deletion policy

The following pages may be deleted by an administrator without notice:

  1. Test pages or vandalism.
  2. Blank or nonsense pages.
  3. Talk pages of nonexistent pages.
  4. Out-of-scope pages.
  5. Spam or blatant advertising pages.
  6. Any content that possibly violates Fandom's Terms of Use.
  7. Text copyright violations.

See the article guide for more information on how to write articles on this wiki. If you believe your article was deleted in error, you can request undeletion by posting a message to any administrator.

Blocking policy

Blocks are a measure to prevent further abuse by a user. They are not intended to be used as punishment.

Typical reasons for blocking
  • Insertion of false information
  • Removing content from pages without explanation
  • Vandalism or spam
  • Edit warring
  • Abusing multiple accounts (sockpuppetry)

Temporary blocks are usually commonplace, while indefinite blocks are placed on abuse-only accounts, including those attempting to abuse multiple accounts. IP addresses are not intended to be blocked indefinitely.


Administrators on this community are held fully accountable for their actions. Abuse may be reported to a community bureaucrat or Fandom staff member to revoke their administrator privileges on this wiki.


Factual errors may be deleted, but POV statements should simply be cleaned up and made neutral.