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The Censorship Wiki is a database cataloguing everything related to censorship past and present, in news media, film, artwork, and literature. It was founded on January 28, 2005 and restarted on January 16, 2017. Hosted on Fandom, formerly known as Wikia, this was at a Wikia.org subdomain from 2019 until November 2021, when Fandom announced the retirement of Wikia.org.

All around the world all forms of media have been censored at one point. This wiki is dedicated to documenting all forms of censorship, because we believe that people deserve to know what has been censored and how it was censored.

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Censorship Wiki rules[]

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Comic book censorship[]

  • DC Universe Infinite
  • Marvel Unlimited

User blog[]

PVZFanatic2010 PVZFanatic2010 10 April


Hi Guys! I Promise I Will Be Very Active On This Wiki!

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RogerRogerDuddy RogerRogerDuddy 11 February

Movie censorships on Cartoon Network USA

Well, as some films are censored on Cartoon Network in the US when it aired (including Monster House, Shrek, etc.), I was sure or unsure if there are other films that are censored in this channel (mostly including any instances of many languages removed, changed or muted), maybe if some needs to be…

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Aimechan93 Aimechan93 20 October 2023

If Encanto haves censorship on Disney Junior?

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Aimechan93, After 5 years for returing from this wiki.

There's probably Encanto is going to be aired in Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior is some countries (not every worldwide, because, some countries was shuttled down all Disney TV Channels, due from Disney+…

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Censorship by country[]

Dates indicate period(s) of significant, documented and reported censorship. Bolded countries are particularly egregious right now. For a full list, see this category.

Censorship by type of medium[]

Streaming sites[]

Despite being free from censorship under the FCC's laws on obscenity, the streaming sites' content is still not immune from censorship.

(This list shows which streaming sites show censored content and links you to their wiki pages.)

Video Game Consoles[]

(This list shows every video game console that has had games for it that have received censorship.)