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Wiki policies

  • Keep topics focused on censorship.
  • Keep the information factual. Avoid inserting your personal opinions and don't libel anyone.
  • When adding a page about a censored item, please remember to cover:
    • Who? Who did the censoring? The publisher, distributor, or government agency?
    • What? What was censored and how? Be specific.
    • Where? Where did the censorship occur? Was it in a geographical area or country?
    • When? When did the censorship occur? Was it ever banned or was the censorship retracted?
    • Why? Why did the censorship occur? Age ratings? Political correctness? Public image?
  • Also helpful to include:
    • Where to find it uncensored — Is an uncensored version available?
    • References? How do you know this was censored? Can you include a source URL for verification?