Welcome to the Censorship Wiki! If you are here to create an article about a work that has been censored, here is the guide to creating a censorship-related article:

  • Make sure your article has censorship information. Articles containing no censorship-related information will be deleted.
  • Describe the content of the work in the lead section, and (preferably) why it was censored in a country or region.
  • Censorship articles should be about real-life works. Hoaxes will be deleted.
  • The article can be about a piece of art, literature, a moving image such as film, music, an audiovisual work, or a computer game.
  • Only include actual cases of censorship. False information will be removed.
  • The Censorship Wiki is not a crystal ball. Speculative information is not permitted and will be removed.
  • If possible, indicate where the work can be found uncensored. Note that this wiki is not the place to protest censorship or to support censorship.
  • Make sure to copy-edit your article for spelling and grammar.
  • If the censorship in one region is exactly the same as another, do not repeat the information already noted earlier. Repetition hurts the quality of the article.
  • Make sure to prioritize quality over quantity. Instances of censorship should be as detailed as it can be to provide context to the reader.

Happy editing!