The following is a non-exhaustive list of original web series that have been subject to censorship.

Internet censorship[]


In The show was all episodes the drama were abruptly removed from all Chinese video streaming websites (three episodes before the season finale)

By of SAPPRFT (now NRTA). The series was cancellled, Due to "the gay and explicit content". To three episodes of the first season were uploaded a few days later to the official YouTube channel of Huace Film & TV, accessible to viewers outside of mainland China.

Benevolent Zero[]

In episode 2, when a girl says "Holy shit", the word "shit" was bleeped out.

The Animen.[]

Strong language is censored is bleeped out and/or muted and the corresponding captioning is censored, sexual situations, and nudity is censored with black bars and/or pixelated. In Odysee Version: language, sexual situations and nudity left intact but its fully uncensored.

However Kid-friendly version: Gore is censored (sometimes uncensored), Implied scenes and nudity been removed/toned down, cut and edited out.

Boss Gaby[]

In Episode 8, the word "shit" is bleeped out and captioned as "Sheet of Paper".


Strong language is bleeped out from the early episodes due to YouTube guidelines. Censored of future episodes is likely to continue.

DC Super Hero Girls[]

Dick Figures[]

Strong language is not censored, but given a TV-14 rating. Some videos are censored on YouTube with the original rating.

Helluva Boss[]

Strong language is bleeped out. Some are bleeped out anatomical words for comedic effect, though otherwise uncensored. Explicit sexual content and nudity is censored with pixelated and covering. Any severe nudity is censored, Because of YouTube community guidelines

Life of John Shorts[]

In episode 2, a girl says the F word and the captioning was censored.

Minecraft Villagers[]

In "Villager News: The Giant Problem", the villager says the word "bitch" but is cut off.

Monster High[]

An webisode "Beast Friends" was originally uploaded on March 3, 2011, but taken down hours later. Not re-uploaded until March 7th. It's was contained A swear word, Not fit for the target demographic. The message is just pure gibberish.

Red vs Blue[]

Strong language is bleeped out. In "The Halo Waypoint" (TV-14/PG-13), all profanity is cut or bleeped out. At the end of episode 12 "The Singularity", Genkins flips off the Reds and Blues as he believes he won the battle against them. On the Rooster Teeth website, the gesture is uncensored, but the YouTube channel, the bird was censored to avoid getting demonetized as a result of YouTube's guidelines.


Profanity is censored, but there are other volumes of infrequent mild swearing which are cut off.


Strong profanity such as "fuck," "shit," or any sexually explicit sentence or slur is bleeped out. Graphic nudity is blurred out.

Spooky Month[]

Strong profanity is censored. The F word and most other swear words are cut off.

Wild Adventures[]

Strong language is bleeped out. 2 swear words are censored: the N-word and Fa-word but was uncensored in two episodes.

Violent Shocker[]

Strong language is corresponding the captioning was censored and nudity is censored with pixelated and covering, but One sex scene and Sexual scenes are edited and covered.

Meru the Succubus[]

A lot of adult themes are replaced from YouTube, But Its fully uncensored by some websites.

The Agents[]

Some sexual jokes are censored, One episode. There’s implied of 3 porn stars. But they penises are covering with black bars.

Bee and Puppycat[]

Strong and explicit language is bleeped out, and Middle finger is censored with pixelated from One episode "Golden Eyes". Swearing in 4, 3 or 5 episodes, They're censored but little strong.

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