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This is a list of shows, including anime, cartoon series, movies, and OVAs, that were censored on Cartoon Network in the United States.


CN uses the censored The WB version where episode 14 was censored.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie[]

The 2006 and 2008 CN broadcasts use the censored 1999 VHS release made by ADV Films.

Spider-Man (2002)[]

Violence and sexuality were censored for the 2002 and 2003 broadcasts.


It is hard to say if anime had to follow standards on American guidelines on animation for television on Toonami and Cartoon Network at this time, as anime and its content defied and broke many conventions for American broadcasts regarding animation with Toonami's afternoon line up, but it can be safe to say that content was aimed for to ensure compliance with American youth channel broadcasting standards. Many anime shows for a coming of age audience are not shy to have sometimes darker topics and fantastical to somewhat realistic violence in them in Japan; for Toonami, more bloody and harrowing violent scenes, obscene and lewd lines, and sensitive controversy provoking imagery needed to be edited or cut, due to airing around primetime hours, or hours from around 4pm to 10pm when television viewership are at their peak.

The Big O[]

Religious references and violence were removed.

Teen Titans Go![]

The Season 2 episodes "Serious Business", "Halloween", the Season 3 episode "Scary Figure Dance" and the Season 4 episode "Halloween vs. Christmas" rarely air on the network.

For "Serious Business", the reason why it rarely airs is due to its running gag where if the Titans stay in the bathroom for 5 minutes, the bathroom explodes. Also, the scene where Starfire mentions that she cooks chili in the bathroom was cut in Thanksgiving 2014 airings due to grossness. However this episode was added back to normal rotation in 2017 before being removed again.

For "Halloween", "Scary Figure Dance" and "Halloween vs. Christmas", these episodes only air in October, although "Halloween vs. Christmas" sometimes airs in December of almost every year to celebrate the holidays.

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