Carmageddon (PC) CENSORED - Pedestrians changed to zombies (UK) and robots (DE)

Carmageddon is a video game that was developed by Stainless Games and was published by Sales Curve Interactive and Interplay Productions. The video game was released in 1997.

In order for the game to be released in Germany and the United Kingdom, the gameplay was censored


Argentinian censorship[]

  • The game is banned outright in Buenos Aires for depicting people killed by motor vehicles.

Brazilian censorship[]

  • The game was banned outright in Brazil for incitement of violence while driving.

Germany censorship[]

  • Pedestrians and cows were changed to robots that will not move.
  • Blood was removed. Running over robots causes black oil to spill.

UK censorship[]

The UK version was released in several countries

  • Pedestrians and cows were changed to zombies.
  • Blood was recoloured green.

USA censorship[]

  • The character OK Stimpson had his name changed to "Juicy Jones" and had the blood on his shirt on his portrait recoloured to resemble orange juice, with also his bio changed possibly due to issues with the obvious likeness to O.J. Simpson. This change applies to the US version, as well to the Funsize re-releases.

Where to find it uncensored?[]

Every other country has it uncensored, and both UK and German versions can respectively be made uncensored with a uncut patch.

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