Call of Duty 2: Big Red One is a first person shooting video game developed by Treyarch, High Voltage Software and published by Activision. The video game was released on November 1, 2005. In order to get released in Germany the game was censored to remove improper use of unconstitutional symbols.


Germany Censorship[]

  • Nazi symbols (swastikas) were changed to Iron Crosses.
  • References to Hitler/Nazi Germany were removed.
  • The live action war video was censored. In the censored version it no longer shows the symbols on the plans and no longer shows the officers.
  • The live action war video that shows Hitler was changed to just showing a building and then military troop cars and tanks.
  • The live action war video that shows Benito Mussolini standing in the front of a group of officers was changed to videos only showing his side.
  • The live action war video that shows a Nazi building with a Nazi symbol on to; of it being blown up was replaced with a video showing solder surrendering.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Every other nation has it uncensored.