Caillou is a Canadian animated children's television series distributed by DHX Media. The first three seasons were animated in Canada by CINAR Corporation (later Cookie Jar Entertainment) with service by the Taiwanese animation studio Morning Sun Animation Group, after which it was animated in South Africa by Clockwork Zoo. Some of the episodes were banned or censored by Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, Sprout (now Universal Kids) and Cartoonito, the most notable episode being Big Brother Caillou.

Banned or censored episodes[]

Banned episodes
Episode name Reason
Caillou’s cricket When Caillou throw his cricket out of the window and he couldn’t see it anymore.
a cork on the bottle caillou felt the cork spat on his face when daddy was fixing it.
Caillou’s data day When Caillou was only 3 years old, He couldn’t show data means.
Caillou Makes A New Friend Jim's bullying was too realistic to Caillou.
Caillou's Getting Older Death related content was mentioned throughout the episode. And a dead bird appeared on the screen.
Caillou's Quarrel Clementine was being too bossy towards Caillou.
Hide and Seek Caillou angrily took the spinner from Rosie and is still mad at Mommy and Daddy about Rosie taking all of his toys.
Caillou's Crossword Caillou and Leo were calling Clementine stupid after hearing the skateboarder boy teach them the word. This can be classified as racism, mainly since Clementine is black and Caillou & Leo are white.
Caillou's Promise Caillou throws sand at Rosie in the sandpit, as well as being aggresive to her later on in the episode (ex. "They're my friends and you're not coming." - Caillou to ban her to go to circus)
Censored episodes
Episode name Reason
Big Brother Caillou On Cartoon Network, the scene where Caillou pinched baby Rosie's face hard enough to make her cry was cut.
Caillou Joins the Circus On Cartoon Network airings of the episode, the scene where Caillou throws a tantrum is cut.
Caillou's Quarrel On Cartoon Network, the scene where Caillou was arguing with Clementine was cut.
Caillou Plays Baseball At one point in the episode, Caillou says the line "I hate baseball!", The word "hate" was muted due to the fact that the said word can be strong enough to be a swear word.
Caillou's Bad Dream On PBS Kids, when Daddy said "Bad dreams can be pretty scary sometimes," it was overlapped with the word "Goodnight, Caillou".