Brightburn is an American supervillain horror film that was directed by David Yarovesky and released in theaters by Sony Pictures Entertainment (through both Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films names) on May 24, 2019. Due to Sony targeting a BBFC 15 rating, the film's UK release had to be modified in two scenes to tone down the violence.


For the theatrical version in the UK and Ireland, the scene where Brenda has a piece of glass stuck in her eye is cut short to remove a closeup shot and also reduce the violence a little bit, and another scene where Uncle Noah's lower jaw was torn up by a destroyed car window freezes a frame at the destroyed car window instead of showing off his graphic broken jaw. The version was given a 15 certificate by the BBFC and a 16 certificate by the IFCO.

  • UK theatrical version running time: 90m 12s (24 fps); 86m 35s (25 fps)
  • Uncut theatrical version running time: 90m 27s (25 fps)

Due to the film's violent content, Brightburn was denied a cinema release in Vietnam and effectively banned there.

Where to find it uncensored[]

UK and Ireland both have an uncensored 18-rated 4K Blu-ray release available, and every other country always had it uncensored to begin with.