Bonnie and Clyde is a crime film directed by Arthur Penn and released on August 4, 1967 by Warner Bros. When the film was put on HBO Max the film was censored, toning down the sexuality in one of the scenes.


International censorship[]

HBO Max[]

  • The scene that shows Bonnie in the start of the film walking to her dresser was modified for the HBO Max broadcast. In the HBO Max version the camera zooms in on the top half of her body. As a result you can no longer see her panties or asscrack.

TV censorship[]

  • The shots of Bonnie attempting to perform oral sex on Clyde were removed from network television versions.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Some streaming sites may offer the uncensored version and most likely all physical media is uncensored. If all physical media isn't uncensored then older DVDs/Blu-rays will most likely have the uncensored version.