Bob's Burgers is an American cartoon produced by Fox, airing since January 9, 2011. Due to network regulations, certain scenes were cut from the original Fox broadcast. All of these scenes are still censored on all video releases and on its streaming site.


USA censorship[]


Season One[]
  • Art Crawl
  1. The scene that shows Gayle's painting of a mouse with a visible anus was modified for the FOX broadcast. The size of the mouse's anus was digitally reduced.
Season Three[]
  • Bob Fires the Kids
  1. The scene where Tina says "If you think about it, any box could have dildos in it." was modified for the FOX broadcast. The word "dildos" was changed to "vibrators".
Season Five[]
  • The Millie-Churian Candidate
  • The scene where a kid being interviewed on WSN says "Jimmy jr's a dick." was modified for the FOX broadcast. "Dick" was bleeped.


Season Three[]
  • The Deepening
  1. In some syndicated airings of the episode, the biker mooning the kids has his butt pixelated.

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no uncensored version available to the public.