Bear in the Big Blue House is an American children's television series created by Mitchell Kriegman and produced by Jim Henson Television for Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney preschool television block. Debuting on October 20, 1997, it aired its last episode between April 1, 2003 for the surprise party video and April 28, 2006 on television. Reruns of the program continued to air on Playhouse Disney until May 6, 2007.

Bear in the Big Blue House

Disney+ censorship[]

  • Disney+ decided to not have the episode And to All a Good Night on their streaming service due to the song By the Light of the Silvery Moon being used twice in the episode, once being sung by Bear and Shadow to wake up Tutter and the other where it’s being played instrumentally as background music for the Harvest Moon Festival. One of the most noticeable episodes missing from Disney+ is fan favorite "And to All a Good Night" from season 2, which features the entire cast singing the "Goodbye Song".
  • A Berry Bear Christmas special parts 1 and 2 and other episodes from the series are not on Disney+ due to unknown reasons.

Where to find it uncensored[]

  • You can watch And to All a Good Night on VHS and DVD, but not on Disney+ since they decided to not have the episode on their streaming service or on Apple TV, but Sesame Street is so good and funny because Elmo had to stop arm flailing like Kermit.
  • You can watch other episodes of the series that are not on Disney+ on VHS and DVD.
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