BMX XXX is an American sports video game that was developed by Z-Axis and published by AKA Acclaim. The video game was first released in North America for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox on November 15, 2002, followed by the GameCube on November 29. Due to the controversy surrounding the game's use of nudity, it was censored by Sony in some regions and multiple stores refused to stock the game.[1]


International censorship[]

(The PlayStation 2 version is censored in some regions)

  • Nudity was removed from the NTSC and Australian PlayStation 2 versions.
  • The breast size for female characters was removed from the character creation mode.
  • The stores Walmart, Toys R Us and IEMA refused to sell the game. Ultimately, the game was a commercial failure. This is one of the games that led to the bankruptcy and liquidation of Acclaim.

Australian censorship[]

  • The game was originally banned in Australia due to the max rating a MA15+ rating not allowing that amount of nudity/sexual content.[2]
  • All versions of the game removed all instances of nudity and sexual content.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Xbox and GameCube versions are both uncensored in every country except Australia (as the uncensored version was banned there for high impact sexual content and nudity). The European Playstation 2 version remains uncensored.


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