Arx Fatalis is a RPG that was developed by Arkane Studios and published by Arkane Studios, JoWooD Productions (EU), and DreamCatcher Interactive (NA). The video game was released on June, 28 2002, and the German version had to be modified to secure the USK-16 rating.


Germany Censorship[]

  • Blood was removed.
  • You can no longer dismember opponents.
  • The scene that shows Shany light up and then exploding in a ritual was modified for the German release. In the German release she doesn't light up or explode.
  • Limbs that are scattered around certain levels were removed.
  • The guard that is impaled on a wall in one of the levels was changed to lying on the floor.

Where to find it uncensored?[]

Every other country has it uncensored, and the Steam store in Germany has the uncensored version of this game available.