Area 51 (stylized as Area-51) is a first person shooter that was developed by Midway Studios Austin (formerly Inevitable Entertainment) and published by Midway Games. The video game was released on May 27, 2005. The European/German releases were censored.


European censorship[]

  • The scene that shows a teammate's head being torn off in the level "The Hot Zone" was modified for the European release. In the European release it fades to black before the head is torn off.
  • In the level "The Search" you have to use a severed arm to activate the scanner and open it. In European release you simply scan your own arm. The severed arm was also removed.
  • In the "Hatching Parasites" level you have to open the door with a retinal scanner at the beginning. In the uncensored version you hold a severed head of a scientist in front of the scanner. In the European version you simply use a access card, and the severed head was removed.
  • The scene that shows one of the scientists being executed in the level "One of Them" was modified for the European release. In the European release the scene fades to black before they are executed.
  • In the level "The Grays" the aliens are performing an autopsy on a person who is still alive. In the European version they aren't performing a autopsy and are just standing outside with the man lying on the operating table bare-chested, moaning and screaming.

German censorship[]

  • All of the European censorship applies here.
  • Blood was completely removed from the game.
  • Bullet wounds and other damage textures were removed.
  • The Ragdoll effects were removed.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The North American release is completely uncensored.

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