Animal Crossing is a simulation video game that was developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the GameCube. The video game was released in Japan on December 14, 2001 and in North America on September 16, 2002.


  • Jane in the Japanese version has her skin black and fur white while in the international release her skin is white/pinkish and hair purple. This change was made to prevent any sort of controversy with blackface.
  • Chip's design was significantly changed due to racism of Asians.
  • Elina had the red dot on her forehead removed in the international releases and e+ to avoid discrimination and racism against Hindus.
    • Also in English she is renamed from Bindi (ビンディ) to Elina to avoid Hinduphobia.
  • Champagne (シャンペン) is renamed to Frett in Pocket Camp and New Horizons to avoid references to alcohol in a family friendly game.
    • Prior to the version 4.4.2 release of Pocket Camp and the 2.0 update in New Horizons, Champagne was never renamed in the English versions of Animal Forest e+.
  • Fuuko (フーコ) is renamed Celeste in English due to the former resembling and sounding a lot like "Fuck".
  • The tomato juice shirt got replaced with the fishbone shirt due to the former resembling blood stains.
  • The pleasant feeling painting was replaced with the scary painting because it depicts nudity and prostitution.
  • The European versions change the mini mustache into a pencil moustache to avoid resemblances to Adolf Hitler.
  • The peppy mouse villager Penelope is renamed Adela in the Spanish versions likely containing the Spanish swear word "pene" which means penis.
  • The peppy elephant villager Fika (フィーカ) is renamed Chai in international releases, probably sounding to equivalent to the Italian swear word "Fica", which means pussy in Italian.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Japanese release is uncensored.

Non-European versions left the mini mustache untouched.