Amphibia is an American animated series. The series premiered on June 17, 2019. The season 2 finale was censored in many countries due to violence. A season 1 episode had to be censored for post-2020 Disney Channel reruns and for the Disney+ release.


USA censorship[]

Disney Channel[]

Season 1[]
  • Episode 14b
    1. The scene where Sprig says "Oh my gosh! they're about to flirt!" was shortened to "Oh my gosh!" The same edit was applied to Disney+.
Season 2[]
  • Episode 20 (True Colors)
    1. This episode notably received a TV-Y7-FV rating (the rest of the episodes were rated TV-Y7). In the original airing, a warning was displayed at the start of the episode, and said: "This episode contains some intense scenes. It might frighten younger children. This is a warning."

International censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Episode 20 (True Colors)
    1. The scene that shows Sprig's "fake" death was cut.
    2. Anne's memories of Sprig were removed.
    3. The scene that shows Anne's transformation to Super Anne was shortened to avoid frightning references.
    4. Super Anne and King Andrias's fight was cut.
    5. The scene that shows Marcy's getting impaled was cut.
    6. The "End of Part 2" text was removed.
    7. This episode is banned in most countries due to a scene that shows Marcy getting impaled by King Andrias's fire sword.

Southeast Asian censorship[]

Disney Channel and Disney XD Southeast Asia[]

Season 1[]
  • Episode 14a
    1. The phrase "What the heck?!" was cut.
Season 2[]
  • Episode 20 (True Colors)
    1. Uses the censored Disney+ version.

Spanish censorship[]

Season 2[]

  • Episode 14
    1. This episode originally didn't broadcast on Disney XD.
  • Episode 20 (True Colors)
    1. This episode was skipped on the European Spanish dub.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The original broadcast, the Disney XD airings, digital releases, and the DVD home videos are uncensored.

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