All Dogs Go to Heaven is a 1989 animated feature film directed by Don Bluth. It is about a dog named Charlie who dies and gets sent to heaven, but cheats death and saves Anne Marie from Carface. Similarly to The Land Before Time, this film underwent significant cutting and editing of footage for commercial release in theaters. Don Bluth had wanted a 35mm version of the uncut film to be released as a "Director's Cut" by Goldcrest Film Studios. This uncut version ran at 95 minutes and was exactly 11 minutes and 3 seconds longer than the theatrical cut, but is believed to have been discarded or stolen. The film was going to have a PG rating, but in order to receive a G rating, some offensive scenes were cut out.

Production censorship[]

Director's Cut[]


All Dogs go to Heaven - LOST Deleted Scenes

  • An extended version of Charlie's nightmare in Hell. The extra minute of footage includes an additional shot of Charon (the skeleton demon-looking thing) staring at Charlie for 2 seconds before he hissed at him, a segment where the hellhound flies towards the boat Charlie is on and says "Now you are MINE!" The boat starts rocking around as a lava silhouette of the hellhound jumpscares Charlie and the hellhound begins to laugh, and another scene with Charon getting up in Charlie's face and then flies upward after he screams, shooting fireballs from his mouth witch hits the boat, causing it to sink and filling in the plot hole (This last part goes on for 40 seconds). After he gets attacked by the imps and he yells, he would have been eaten by the hellhound as seen below. This cel can be mistaken for belonging to the scene where the latter says "Now you are mine!". However, 2 cels and a still-to-exist of this part along with poorly recorded camcorder footage. Afterwards, Charlie would wake up in the bathtub instead and fall off the faucet. This scene is partially found by a user on tumblr who has a copy of this scene. Despite his or her copy being better quality, she never posted her copy online. Also the last part that shows how the boat sank is not found yet, but 3 cels survive. They can be seen in the gallery (once it is made) Scene status: Partially found.
  • An extended version of Charlie and Itchy running away from the prison in the opening. Scene status: Lost.
  • An extended version of the Grand Chawhee Birthday Race. Scene status: Lost.
  • An additional scene where Charlie getting hit by a car is seen in full. This scene is completely lost. Not even a cel surfaced online. However, on Lost Media Archive, a user uploaded a still from the climax and advertised it as a cel from the car scene. (He even used a painting software to add his own edits for some reason). People were fooled by this from August 26, 2020 to 2 days later when this was exposed. As Gary Goldmen confirmed that the deleted scene does not exist Scene status: Lost (Hoaxed).
  • Shortened dialogue such as: "Damn that Carface! I'll kill em!" was shortended to remove the swear. Scene status: Mostly lost.
  • Originally Judith Barsi herself was going to sing "Soon You'll Come Home", but after multiple attempts she was dismissed because during acting, she would begin to cry because it reminded her of how she had a horrible father and wanted to have a normal life again. So she was replaced for this song by Lana Beeson. Scene status: Lost.
  • When the killer was asked what type of gun he has, he says that he has a Flash Gordon Atomic Ray Gun in the theatrical cut. However, in the lost uncut version, he has a tommy gun but it is unknown what he originally said. However if you lip read, you can kind of get an idea of what he originally said. Afterwards, Carface says "A tommy gun." This was also changed to "A reeeee gun." Scene status: Partially lost.
  • An alternate version of the Flash Gordon Ray Gun scene. It was originally a tommy gun, some of the chase was altered, and when Charlie was shot near the tomatoes, they were supposed to leak juice that made the illusion that he was shot. Scene status: Lost.
  • After Carface and his gang assaults Itchy near the end of the film, right after Itchy dodges Carface's nail like it was a knife, Carface originally began to continue attacking, after a minute of this, Itchy escapes while Carface plants a bomb resulting in an explosion the following scene. This creates a plot hole as this scene explained the bruises Itchy had. The explosion was reduced to the bar bursting in flames to fill the plot hole. Scene status: Lost.
  • An extended version of the storytime scene with Anne Marie.
  • An alternate ending where Charlie doesn't save Anne Marie on time and they both go to hell where they are tortured by the hellhound for all eternity. After this part, Itchy attends a burial for Charlie and Anne Marie. Due to this, the song "Love Survives" is replaced with a dark reprise of "Let Me Be Surprised" as Charlie and Anne Marie attempt to escape hell and successfully escape, kickstarting an alternate sequel. Scene status: Existance unconfirmed. (Or could just simply be a dreadful creepypasta.)

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no known surviving uncensored version, though Don Bluth had originally planned on releasing a Director's Cut that would have run a longer 95 minutes. He wanted Goldcrest Film Studios to distribute this cut after his vacation in Ireland. However, Goldcrest then discarded all copies of the Director's Cut to cut costs, even though it was already in storage. This resulted in backlash and the angering of Bluth. His personal copy of the additional 35mm scenes were also stolen from a locked storage room. However, some of the uncut hell scene was found back in 2016, so it has been speculated that there may be surviving copies of the extended cut, or that this may have been among the only scene(s) to be properly archived, albeit partially.[1]


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