Afro Samurai is an action anime that was produced by Gonzo and licensed by Madman Entertainment (AUS), Funimation (NA), and Manga Entertainment. The anime was released from January 4, 2007 to February 1, 2007. In order to reduce sexuality and language when the anime aired on TV, it was censored. An uncensored Director's Cut would later be released. Hulu streams the censored version of the show.


International censorship[]

(Note: Scenes that were cut to reduce the runtime are not listed here)

  • Episode 1
    1. The scene where the killer says "I'd put both hands on that sword, punk-ass motherfucker!" it was changed to "Look at dis boys, tough guy is gonna take us out with only one hand on his sword."
    2. The scene where Ninja says "Afro! Don't fight this fucker! He got grenades an' shit..." it was changed to "Afro! Don't fight this dork! He got grenades and-what-not..."
    3. The scene where Ninja says "Yo dude, ii-I'm not saying you need a shower, but the killers are following us like shit flies." was cut.
    4. The scene where Ninja says "You're fucked up homes!" it was changed to "You're jacked up homes!"
    5. The scene where Ninja says "Ey, that a mo'fuckin' RPG? You got a mo'fucking RPG ?! A RPG in a mo'fuckin' backpack?!" it was changed to "Oh for cryin' out loud! You got a RPG?! You got a RPG?! What kind of brother carries an RPG in his backpack?!"
  • Episode 2
    1. The scene where Ninja says "Haha... If she has a girlfriend, we could have a little orgy. Huh? Huh? Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright. So you're not the swinger type, all right . Then I'll just get my sex somewhere else. But you know, giving your Jimmy a waxing regimen might improve your chances." was cut.
    2. The line "You little cocksucker!" was changed to "You little bastard!"
    3. The scene that shows a close up of Okiku naked in the water was cut. (It was most likely cut because you can see her breasts)
    4. The scene that shows a close up on Afro was zoomed in so you wouldn't see Okiku naked in the background.
    5. The scene that shows Afro and Okiku was shortened. As a result you no longer see her breasts or butt.
  • Episode 3
    1. The line "Damn, this motherfucker knows your next move before you make it." was changed to "Homes he seems to know your next move before you make it."
    2. The line "I thought you iced that mo'fucker already." was changed to "I thought you iced him already."
    3. The line "Stay down, motherfucker, stay down!" was changed to "Stay down, my friend, stay down!"
  • Episode 4
    1. The scene that shows a flashback to Afro's father being killed was cut.
  • Episode 5
    1. The line "Whack that motherfucker." was changed to "Whack that punk."
    2. The scene that shows Jinno dead lying in the snow was modified for the TV broadcast. In the TV versions the bloody abdominal wound was blacked out.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The DVDs and Blu-ray Discs of the Director's Cut are uncensored.