21 Jump Street is an Buddy Cop Action Comedy film was released on March 16, 2012 the TV version Freeform on June 2, 2021.

It was censored due to network standards. All "F-bombs" (which are generally abundant in number in the film) have been bleeped or muted.

Censored Quotes[]

Note: The censored parts of the quotes are in bold.

Quote Quote rating First appearance
Captain Dickson: Monkey G TV-14-DLV
Domingo: What the Bull is going on? PG TV-14-DLV
Domingo: What the Foul? PG TV-14-DLV
Tom Hanson: Shut Up. PG TV-14-DLV

: No way, No way no!

Mr. Walters: You Shot me in Penis! PG-13 TV-14-DLV