13 Reasons Why is a teen drama television show that was produced by Netflix and premiered on March 31, 2017, with the last episode of the series becoming available on June 5, 2020. Netflix decided to censor the season finale of the first season two years after it premiered, due to concerns by mental health experts that the graphic suicide scene could be emulated.[1]

On April 27, 2017, the television series was given an RP18 rating by New Zealand's Office of Film and Literature Classification (a first for New Zealand), although no excisions were made.


International censorship[]

Season 1[]

  • The scene that shows Hannah taking a razor blade to her wrists was cut.
  • The scene that shows the aftermath of Hannah's suicide was cut.
  • As of 2019, the final episode will now only show Hannah looking at the mirror and the parents' reactions to the suicide.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The DVD home videos are uncensored.


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